The First and Original Salicylate Free Company!

Salicylate Free

Salicylates are chemicals naturally found in plants and are a major ingredient in Asprin and other pain relieving medications. The are also found in many fruits and vegetables and in many common health and beauty products.

Fragrance Free

Not only are our products salicylate free, but they are also fragrance free. If you find yourself having reactions to skin care products or cosmetics, you may have an allergy to certain fragrances. Also, many who may have intolerances to salicylates may in fact also have intolerances to fragrances. Therefore, our products are also formulated to be completely fragrance-free. Through our entire line of products, from our cleansers, moisturizers, and makeup to our hair care, you will find products that are ideal for those with these types of allergies and intolerances.

Paraben Free

To maintain the quality and integrity of our products, we've chosen to move forward with Paraben Free formulas that are just as effective, if not more so. Parabens may contribute to health issues and complications and they can also increase skin cell damage due to UV rays. Going Paraben Free is an important choice we've made that we plan on committing ourselves to.

While Personal Basics by Andrea Rose may lack these ingredients commonly featured in hundreds of other brands, they still deliver and exceed all expectations. Our customers keep coming back to find their favorite products (and new products) that deliver the amazing results they've come to expect and love!