Personal Basics by Andrea Rose - salicylate and fragrance free makeup and skin care.

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Gluten Free

When going "gluten free" becomes a necessity to your lively-hood, it is important to have the right products which truly adhere to the strict standards of a gluten-free lifestyle. Personal Basics Skin Care and Make Up products are Gluten Free and meet these requirements. We have also created gluten free toothpastes which are both safe as well as refreshing. Also, we carry a variety of our own gluten free lip glosses and lipsticks in a variety of fantastic colors.

Fragrance Free

Not only are our products salicylate free and gluten free, but they are also fragrance free. If you find yourself having reactions to skin care products or cosmetics, you may have an allergy to certain fragrances. Also, many who may have intolerances to gluten or salicylates may in fact also have intolerances to fragrances. Therefore, our products are also formulated to be completely fragrance-free. Through our entire line of products, from our cleansers, moisturizers, and makeup to our hair care, you will find products that are ideal for those with these types of allergies and intolerances.

While Personal Basics by Andrea Rose may lack these 3 ingredients commonly featured in hundreds of other brands, they still deliver and exceed all expectations. Our customers keep coming back to find their favorite products (and new products) that deliver the amazing results they've come to expect and love!

MELISSA CONGDON, MD, FAAP - Fibromyalgia Specialist
Dr. Melissa Congdon is a great source of information and support for children and adults with Fibromyalgia. We highly encourage you to visit her site for more information.

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